गुरुवार, 20 अगस्त 2015

Find Him in All Living Beings

Lord Krishna, Supreme soul, whose reflection in all living beings makes them live, gives them life.

What makes us far away from this fact, eternal truth?

After birth our families tell us worldly relations, who is who, due to their love and affection.

But think now! What is the truth behind it. Can a human being decides his offspring's size, shape, color, qualities, fortune?

Can anyone is sure about the birth, then why lot of us remain issueless.

Development of a child is a natural process, there is no role of us. We are only caretaker.

Life & death is still under divine control.
No science can revive a dead one.

Some live for hundreds of years and some for a few hours or minutes too.

Recognise HIM, in yourself as well as all your relations, all living beings, small or big.

Everyone has come with its altogether different fortune.

Take an example of a dog, some dogs are street dogs having liberty to go anywhere, anytime. They are fed upon garbage or human being's grace.

On the other hand, some dogs live as pets and found great facilities, like AC, bed, clothes, good feeding etc but have no freedom to wander like a street dog.

In the same way every human being has different fortune, some take birth with a golden spoon in their mouth and other may be thrown by parents due to social fear.

But Lord  Krishna, seeing all this and neither feel pity nor rejoice, in the circumstances of life, unless we love and recognise HIM.

As we start recognising him, we can feel Him, everywhere with us.

You can say, what is the cause of this discrimination?

Because, he is GOD, the giver, operator and destroyer of all.

Everybody is getting good or bad fortune according to their deeds of last birth.

Love Him, Adore Him, He will love you.

As you love Him, come out from bond of this illusionary word known as 'Maya'.

Love Him, Feel Him, He will talk you, He will share your problems, He will show you the eternal divine path to ultimate truth where you will be free from sudden shocks of joy & sorrows.

Krishna, Supreme Teacher of world, hence learn from him and get the keys of divine happiness.

Om Shiv Hari.

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